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Investment Management

We take great pride in our ability to provide outstanding investment management services to our clients. We spend a great deal of time continually improving the quality of our investment process and research. We believe our investment process, coupled with our comprehensive software tools and intellectual capital, provides our clients with strong investment management value.  Our process and philosophy can be summarized as follows:

  1. Understand our client’s objectives, risk tolerance, aspirations, and concerns; as well as any fiduciary requirements, distribution or contribution expectations.
  2. Develop an investment strategy that seeks to address the best chance of addressing client goals while managing the portfolio risk to an acceptable level.
  3. Utilize a broad array of investments with negative to low correlation with stocks, bonds, and each other.  This provides an opportunity to manage portfolio volatility without sacrificing the targeted rate of return for a given level of risk.
  4. Collaborate with investment professionals. We leverage investment research done by LPL Financial’s Research Staff, and by external economists and investment managers to evaluate the macroeconomic environment as well as specific investment alternatives.  We develop forward looking forecasts of targeted returns and risk levels for each investment alternative which are then fed into our quantitative optimization tools.
  5. Use advanced portfolio optimization & monte carlo simulation modeling to develop optimized asset mixes that seek to maximize targeted investment return within our client’s risk parameters. 
  6. Monitor changes in the world economies and financial markets and update forecasts to account for changes in opportunities and risks.  Re-run optimization models and shift the portfolio allocation in a timely fashion.

Summary:  The Global Dynamic Asset Allocation process manages portfolio risk substantially while taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.  Our mission is to provide significant value over a full market cycle by better managing risk while providing more stable long-term growth opportunities in our clients’ portfolios